With all the attention on the recent US presidential election, there was a very positive pro-life development that got little attention. In the US state of Louisiana, voters passed an amendment to the state constitution. The amendment prohibits the state or its courts from finding a right to abortion, when Roe v Wade is ultimately overturned.

The Love Life referendum was passed by Louisiana voters with a huge 62% in favour. The pro-life effort was sponsored by trailblazing pro-life Senator, Katrina Jackson. This is not the first time that Jackson, an African American member of the Democratic Party, has bravely bucked her party’s pro-abortion trend.

In June of this year, the Supreme Court invalidated her law which protected women from dangerous abortion doctors who didn’t have admitting privileges to hospitals. This let abortion doctors to operate at a lower standard than ordinary healthcare professionals. But undeterred from this setback, Senator Jackson was the co-lead author of this recent referendum, and it resulted in resounding victory. 

Now that the referendum has passed, the Love Life Amendment campaign has said that its success will result in protecting “current pro-life laws on the books and in effect, such as informed consent, ultrasound requirements, prohibitions on the taxpayer funding of abortion, protections for babies in the 5th month of pregnancy, and more.”

This brilliant victory for the mothers and unborn children of Louisiana reminds of our of our pro-life amendment passed in 1983 which protected the right to life of all unborn children for 35 years.  Our commitment to restore that legal protection here in Ireland will not falter.