18.3.2022 – Poll findings on prevalence of coercive abortion cannot be ignored

18.3.2022 – Poll findings on prevalence of coercive abortion cannot be ignored

In a shocking new finding, 15% of women in the UK (aged 18-44) say they have experienced pressure to go through with an abortion they didn’t want to have. The findings are contained in research conducted by Savanta ComRes for BBC Radio 4.

As reported earlier this week on RTÉ News, the Pro Life Campaign has accused the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly of “pandering to the pro-abortion lobby” by refusing to honour the promise the Government made to cease remote consultation ‘home abortions’ as soon as Covid restrictions were being lifted.

Remote consultation ‘home abortions’ increase the chances of women being coerced into having an abortion as it cuts out the face-to-face consultation between the woman and a medical doctor prior to the abortion. The HSE recognises this and conceded the following in reply to a recent parliamentary question on the issue: “Meeting the woman in person increases the likelihood of the provider identifying any coercion or domestic abuse”.

Despite all this, Stephen Donnelly still refuses to stop sanctioning the reckless practice of home abortions. His refusal to stand up to the pro-abortion lobby on this is not just enabling coercive abortions to happen, it is also putting the lives of pregnant women at risk since removing the obligation to have a face-to-face consultation with a doctor prior to an abortion means that the abortions pills are being dispensed notwithstanding the fact that the woman could have an.underlying medical condition that the doctor should be aware of before administering any pills.

You can read more about the findings of the Savanta ComRes poll here