18.2.2022 – US writer thanks singer Nicki Minaj for publicly addressing the pain of abortion

18.2.2022 – US writer thanks singer Nicki Minaj for publicly addressing the pain of abortion

In an open letter to world famous singer Nicki Minaj, the US writer and researcher Bettina di Fiore has thanked the rap artist for her song ‘Autobiography’ about abortion regret. Writing this week, Ms di Fiore said: “A few days ago, someone pointed me toward the lyrics to your song, ‘Autobiography.’ I didn’t know very much about you or your music before that, but after reading verse three, I feel like we are sisters.”

She continued: “Reading these words brings tears to my eyes, because I get it. I had my first abortion at age 16, mostly because the father insisted, and everybody I went to for advice told me I wasn’t ready. They told me my child deserved better than what I could give her – as if killing her was somehow a way of doing better by her. Like you, I ‘adhered to the nonsense’ and believed the doubts these poisonous voices planted inside my head.”

Minaj, who became the first solo female rap artist to reach one billion views on YouTube for one of her songs has talked openly about her abortion and in her song ‘Autobiography’ addresses the issue directly.

Here’s one of the verses from ‘Autobiography’:

Please, baby, forgive me
Mommy was young, mommy was too busy tryna have fun
But I don’t pat myself on the back for sending you back
‘Cause God knows I was better than that
To conceive you then leave you, the concept alone seems evil
I’m trapped in my conscience, I adhered to the nonsense
Listened to people who told me I wasn’t ready for you
But how … would they know what I was ready to do?
And of course, it wasn’t your fault
It’s like I feel you in the air, I hear you saying
“Mommy don’t cry, can’t you see I’m right here?”
I gotta let you know what you mean to me
When I’m sleeping, I see you in my dreams with me
Wish I could touch your little face or just hold your little hand
If it’s part of God’s plan, maybe we can meet again