15.06.2023 – Case of woman who had illegal abortion at 34 weeks being exploited to push for abortion up-to-birth

15.06.2023 – Case of woman who had illegal abortion at 34 weeks being exploited to push for abortion up-to-birth

To usher in abortion on request up-to-birth in the UK, pro-abortion advocates are coldly and cruelly exploiting the case of a woman who had an illegal abortion at 34 weeks and received a custodial sentence earlier this week for what happened.

Carla Foster, 44, who admits to being “plagued by nightmares and flashbacks” after seeing the face of her aborted daughter, had contacted the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) requesting abortion pills that are only available up to 10 weeks. She admitted in court to lying about the stage in pregnancy she was at when she sought the “pills by post” in May 2020 during one of the Covid lockdowns.

A post-mortem examination of her baby daughter, who was named Lily, confirmed that the stage in pregnancy was around 34 week’s gestation. After the court’s decision to impose a sentence of 18 months (half of which is to be spent in custody), BPAS, who supplied Ms Foster with the abortion pills, took to the airwaves calling for abortion to be completely decriminalised in the UK to permit abortion on request up to birth.

Along with other pro-abortion campaigners, BPAS refused to address any of the many inconvenient truths brought to light by the case and instead resorted to calling abortion “healthcare” as they enthusiastically beat the drum for unrestricted access to abortion throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy.

In taking this approach, they displayed reckless disregard for the lives of women, not just unborn babies. The practice of at home ‘DIY’ abortion which they support and operate, cuts out the in-person meeting between the woman and her doctor, leaving it wide open for situations to arise, just like happened in this awful case, where the pregnancy may well be much further advanced than the person seeking the abortion pills declares. This straightaway puts the lives of women at serious risk, as well as the lives of their unborn babies. The same practice of at home ‘DIY’ abortion has been given the green light by the Irish government as well, despite all the warnings of what it could lead to. If the backers of ‘at home’ abortion, who dishonestly refer to abortion as healthcare, truly cared about the health and welfare of women, they would immediately cease the practice of telemedicine abortion. But as we’ve seen once again this past week, abortion campaigners are much more preoccupied with exploiting every situation that arises to push for more abortion. Sadly, they are a long way away from taking a sincere and honest look at the death and havoc they are wreaking on the lives of women as well as on the lives of innocent and defenceless unborn babies, like baby Lily.