06.02.2016: Pro Life Campaign launches election video for #GE2016

06.02.2016: Pro Life Campaign launches election video for #GE2016

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The Pro Life Campaign today launched a new election video for voters who want information about the stances of General Election candidates on the 8th Amendment.

Speaking about the launch, Deputy Chairperson of the PLC Cora Sherlock said:

“We only have to recall the pro-life vigils and rallies in recent years to get a sense of the vast numbers of people who are concerned about this issue and where our elected representatives stand on protecting the right to life. We are inundated with requests at present from members of the public for information on the stances of candidates in the forthcoming election on the issue.

“Our supporters are looking for assistance in distinguishing between candidates who say they are ‘pro-life’ and candidates who have a track record in defending life. After the way Fine Gael TDs broke their pre-election pro-life promise in 2013, pro-life supporters are rightly much more caution about accepting the word of candidates.

“We are currently compiling information so that voters will have accurate and detailed information before Election Day on the positions of election candidates. The video we are launching today is just one of the ways we are spreading the word and encouraging people to use their vote to protect life.

“There is a noticeable tendency in much of the media to blame the 8th Amendment for everything whenever abortion is in the news. It’s easy to do that if the focus is only on one side of the story. It is only fair that the pro-life side would also get a hearing too and that the tens of thousands of lives saved as a result of the 8th Amendment would also feature prominently in the debate.”

The new Pro Life Campaign video is called “Your Vote Matters – Use It To Protect Human Life.”