Election 2016 – Send an instant message to your candidates today

Election 2016 – Send an instant message to your candidates today

General Election 2016

Many issues are troubling voters, but ultimately no issue is more important than protecting life.

Take one minute to ask General Election candidates where they stand on abortion.

The number of pro-life TDs that are elected will play a big part in deciding whether a referendum is held to take away the last remaining constitutional protection for unborn babies. We have a duty to ensure that as many pro-life TDs as possible are elected.

Our first priority is that the TDs who voted against the unjust abortion legislation of 2013 are re-elected. We must also work to ensure that new candidates who are sincere in their support of the pro-life position are also successful.

Sending this instant postcard to candidates in your constituency will help inform you and the Pro Life Campaign in compiling reliable information on who to vote for on Election Day. We will also be gathering independent information on each candidate and publishing the results on our website.

Take one minute to send this instant card by clicking on your constituency below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Please note we are not canvassing the views of those who voted in favour of abortion in 2013

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