Voting in Dublin on Friday? Use Your Vote to Protect Human Life

Voting in Dublin on Friday? Use Your Vote to Protect Human Life

The number of pro-life TDs that are elected will play a big part in deciding whether a referendum is held to take away the last remaining constitutional protection for unborn babies. We have a duty to ensure that as many pro-life TDs as possible are elected.

Our first priority is that the TDs who voted against the unjust abortion legislation of 2013 are re-elected. We must also work to ensure that new candidates who are sincere in their support of the pro-life position are also successful.

We need women and men of pro-life courage and conviction in the next Oireachtas to defend the 8th Amendment.

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Click on your constituency below for information on the stance of candidates.  Please note this information will be updated daily between now and Election Day.

Please note: We have taken great care to ensure the information contained below is fair and accurate. Please email with any updates or comment.


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You can send an instant email to your election candidates directly seeking their views on the abortion issue here


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