Sign and send an instant submission to the Three Year Review

*** Update ***
This initiative has now closed.
Thanks to everyone who participated.


The deadline for making a submission to the Government’s Three-Year Review of the abortion law is this coming Friday 1st April 2022.

You can send a pre-filled submission instantly below:

By filling out the form below and pressing the ‘submit’ button, the pre-filled submission will go in your name to the Three Year Review in the Department of Health. Please click here to view the pre-filled submission before signing it. It is in PDF format and may download to your Downloads folder.

We strongly encourage everyone to set aside some time to make a personal submission, by following the steps set out here.

If for whatever reason you don’t have time to draft your own submission, you can instantly send a pre-filled submission which we have prepared.

The various recommendations and points included in this submission are not numbered in order of priority but follow instead the order in which the questions appear in the Department of Health questionnaire. It is important to note that the Minister for Health hasn’t to date responded to questions about the different formats for making submissions that will be accepted.

All things considered, our advice is to make sure you get a submission in, regardless of any constraints or confusion surrounding the process. Our job as individuals and as a movement is to ensure the unborn child and their mothers are represented in the review. We have until this Friday to ensure this happens!