Stop The Bias

Stop The Bias


Send an instant message to RTÉ challenging media bias on abortion

In recent weeks, RTÉ has been reporting once again on the abortion issue in a totally skewed and biased manner.

It has been great to see several Oireachtas members publicly challenge RTÉ over this bias and questioning the ongoing payment of the TV licence.

RTÉ now needs to hear from every pro-life supporter on the issue!

Sign the instant e-card below that asks the Director General of RTÉ to explain and justify expecting pro-life people to continue paying the TV licence given the shockingly biased coverage on abortion.

After you have signed the e-card, SPREAD THE WORD to friends and family to do likewise.

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Ms Dee Forbes
Director General
Dublin 4

Jon Williams, Managing Director, RTÉ News & Current Affairs,
Catherine Martin TD, Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media,
Brian MacCraith, Chairperson, Future of Media Commission

Dear Ms Forbes,

RTÉ’s deep-seated bias against the pro-life position was again on startling display recently.

‘Today With Claire Byrne’ (10.5.21), presented a totally slanted 14-minute report where a false impression was given to listeners that the new abortion law is somehow restrictive and that very few abortions are actually taking place under it.

The truth is that since the new law took effect, there has been a dramatic increase in abortions; babies who survived late-term abortions have been left to die unaided; doctors are being trained to perform barbaric D&E late-term abortions even though voters were promised this would never happen; over €20 million of taxpayers’ money has been spent on abortion provision to date and not a cent on positive alternatives; senior medics are being pressured to facilitate abortions they argue have nothing to do with genuine healthcare.

As several members of the Oireachtas pointed out recently, if you were to rely on RTÉ for information on how the new law is operating, you’d know nothing about the harrowing details listed here.

The same week as the biased report mentioned above happened, a group of eleven cross-party TDs introduced a foetal pain relief bill in the Dáil, the first significant bill qualifying the recent abortion legislation. Once again, RTÉ exercised a news blackout on the story.

I would welcome hearing from you on why you think RTÉ is justified in expecting that I should continue to pay the TV licence given the shockingly unfair way the abortion issue is treated by the station.

Yours sincerely,


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