Roscommon / Galway – Use Your Vote to Protect Human Life

Roscommon / Galway – Use Your Vote to Protect Human Life

We asked all candidates to supply a Yes or No answer to the following question:

If elected, will you oppose any attempt to repeal the 8th Amendment or undermine legal protection for the unborn child?

This page will be updated daily between now and Election Day with answers from candidates as we receive them.

The voting record of TDs and Senators on the 2013 abortion legislation is also featured below.

The following parties have taken a strong stance on repealing the 8th Amendment and should not receive the pro-life vote:


Sinn Fein

People Before Profit

Anti-Austerity Alliance

Green Party

The Eighth Amendment is the last remaining constitutional protection for the unborn child in Ireland. Pro-Life people should only vote for candidates who are committed to keeping the 8th Amendment.

TDs and Senators who voted against abortion in 2013
Party Name  
IND Denis Naughten TD Voted against abortion in 2013 and in favour of keeping the 8th Amendment as stated publicly.
Other candidates and where they stand on abortion
FF Eugene Murphy In favour of keeping the 8th Amendment.
IND/IND ALL Michael Fitzmaurice TD In favour of keeping the 8th Amendment as stated publicly.
FF Shane Curran No response to date. Fianna Fáil Party allowed free vote on abortion legislation in 2013.
FG Cllr Maura Hopkins No response to date. Fine Gael Party introduced abortion legislation in 2013.
IND Thomas Declan Fallon No contact details.
IND Tony Coleman No contact details.
REN Anne Farrell Opposes keeping the 8th Amendment as stated publicly.
GP Cllr Miriam Hennessy Opposes keeping the 8th Amendment as stated publicly.
SF Claire Kerrane Opposes keeping the 8th Amendment.
PBPA Eddie Conroy Opposes keeping the 8th Amendment.
TDs and Senators who voted in favour of abortion in 2013
LAB Senator John Kelly Voted for abortion in 2013.



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