Get Involved – Protect Ireland’s 8th Amendment

Get Involved – Protect Ireland’s 8th Amendment

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Ireland’s constitutional protection for unborn babies and their mothers has been a beacon throughout the world.  However, the 8th Amendment – Ireland’s Life Equality Amendment – is now under serious threat with powerful groups campaigning to remove it.

This new threat requires from us a new response. The Pro Life Volunteer Pledge is a pivotal step in the push back. From all over the country, we’ve been getting calls, pro-life people asking, ‘What can I do?’

Of course we have to keep working away to get the pro-life voice heard in the media, and we have to keep engaging with our own political representatives, locally and nationally, but, more than anything else, what we need is a fresh initiative to bring the pro-life message into people’s homes in every village, town and urban area across the country.

To make certain this happens we are asking every pro-life supporter to sign the Pro Life Volunteer Pledge. It’s asking you to commit a few hours of your time spreading the pro-life message around Ireland.

Door-to-door leaflet drops, replicated in towns, villages and urban areas throughout the country will play a significant role in redressing the present imbalance in the abortion debate.  Pro-life people speaking up in their families, communities and in the media will have a positive impact.  Assisting with making telephone calls, writing letters or packing envelopes is hugely important.  Volunteering at public meetings is key. And we always need help with fundraising. There is a role for everyone.

We are very conscious and respectful of family and work obligations, and can assure you that any time commitment is very appreciated.   

Thanks again for everything you have done in recent times to assist this noble cause. With a strong united effort, we can achieve great things. Please take just a moment to sign up.

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