Pro Life Campaign welcomes launch of San Jose Articles

Pro Life Campaign welcomes launch of San Jose Articles

6th October 2011

Pro Life Campaign warmly welcomes launch of San Jose Articles

Comments by Caroline Simons, Legal Consultant to the Pro Life Campaign, Dublin, Ireland, welcoming the launch today in New York of the San Jose Articles:

The Pro Life Campaign welcomes the launch of the San Jose Articles.

The language of human rights has been hijacked and corrupted by abortion advocates. Countries like Ireland have been at the receiving end of scathing criticism for not introducing abortion, all in the name of ‘human rights.’

A complete re-examination of how the debate is conducted is long overdue. The San Jose Articles will play a significant role in informing public policy and meaningful discussion, particularly in international fora. Those responsible for putting the articles together are to be warmly congratulated.

The new charter on life issues by leading medical, legal and diplomatic professionals is being launched at the General Assembly of the UN by Professor Robert George of Princeton University and Ambassador Grover Rees.

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