Tragic case in Prague of wrong baby aborted due to ‘mix-up’

A story in Prague has been covered in the Irish and international media which centres on the case of a 4-month pregnant woman who attended hospital for a routine check-up. Due to “language difficulties” and a “mix-up”, the woman was brought for an abortion when she had no intention of aborting her child.

Whilst the case has been reported as a tragic error, the true tragedy is that legal abortion made this horrific story possible in the first instance. The human life lost at the centre of the story is equally as valuable whether the child is “wanted” or “unwanted”, but unfortunately this is not even acknowledged in the mainstream media. It’s also very likely the case that the scheduled abortion proceeded after the “mix-up” was realised, meaning that two lives have been lost to abortion in this incident.

The mother (and family) of the baby that wasn’t scheduled to be aborted have also been left with unimaginable grief and heartbreak to process and deal with.