The Pro Life Campaign has said that the government must urgently address the homeless crisis in Dublin in the light of today’s report that at least 17 pregnant women are homeless in the city.

Commenting on the issue, spokesperson Sinead Slattery said:

“The news that pregnant women suffer from homelessness in Ireland will unfortunately not come as any surprise to many people.  The lack of support provided by the Government is shameful but voluntary groups dedicated to helping pregnant women are doing tremendous work away from the public eye.  If it were not for them, then the current crisis would be far worse.

“If we are serious about giving real supports to women during their pregnancies, then the first place to start is by ensuring that they have safe and comfortable accommodation so that they can prepare to give birth to their babies, and make plans for the future. It is high time that the Government steps in and provides the necessary funding and supports so that these very basic requirements can be put in place,” she concluded.