Florida facing tough pro-life battle in November

On Monday, the Florida Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that an amendment to codify unrestricted abortion access in the state constitution can be voted on by Floridians this November. 

All three female justices on Florida’s highest court rejected allowing the deeply misleading wording of the amendment to be presented to voters. In their dissenting opinions, they  pointed out that the proposed amendment fails to convey the far reaching legal consequences of the amendment if passed.

In response to the US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade in the Dobbs decision in 2022, pro-abortion campaigners have been scurrying (with some success, for example, in Ohio) to enshrine a legal right to abortion at state level.

Through a combination of media lies, fear and out of state money largely from the billionaire class, Ohioans voted last year to insert an extreme abortion proposal into the state’s constitution, without any proper discussion taking place on what the proposal would allow for in practice – which is de facto abortion on demand up to birth. In excess of $35 million was spent in Ohio to pay for an ad campaign filled with lies and deceit.

Florida now faces a similar challenge in November, along with several other states, to hold the line against a relentless and extremely well funded pro-abortion onslaught.

We know from the challenges they faced in recent decades, that pro-lifers volunteers in the US are formidable and astute campaigners. They’ve battled against tremendous odds on many occasions and emerged victorious. They now face another mammoth challenge to repel the latest pro-abortion effort to keep abortion legal across the United States. It’s going to be an extraordinarily difficult battle over the next few years to expose the lies and fear-mongering which is being amplified by the mainstream media and big money ad spends on radio and TV.

Let’s hope the pro-life movement in Florida, which is one of the strongest and most effective in the US, mounts a campaign for November that stops the pro-abortion push in its tracks and sets an example for other states on how to build on the success of the Dobbs decision and protect pro-life laws that are saving countless babies from abortion.