geneva building

13th January 2016

The Pro Life Campaign has said that the Minister for Children must ensure that his comments before a UN Human Rights Committee this week represent all children in Ireland, born and unborn.

Spokesperson Sinead Slattery said:

“The Convention on the Rights of the Child provides explicit protection for the rights of the unborn child in international human rights law, highlighting in its Preamble that the Child needs special safeguards and legal protection, ‘before as well as after birth’. The 8th Amendment fulfils this requirement by guaranteeing the equality of the unborn child in Irish law, and protecting their most basic right of all, the right to life.

“Any criticism that the UN Committee makes of this aspect of Irish law should be roundly rejected by Minister Reilly. Instead, a robust defence of this life-saving provision should be provided as it is abundantly clear that the 8th Amendment, the Life Equality Amendment, is responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives since its introduction.”