Last week, in a study published by abortion providing doctors, it was confirmed that these doctors are currently receiving training in Ireland on how to perform gruesome D&E late-term abortions, involving the dismemberment of unborn babies.

When pro-life campaigners warned voters before the 2018 referendum that D&E abortions would be a reality if abortion were introduced, we were accused of scaremongering and attempting to deceive voters.

When former Senator Jim Walsh described D&E abortions in graphic detail in the Seanad and stated that they would happen if the law changed, he was shouted and screamed at by Seanad colleagues who demanded that he withdraw his remarks. The Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists even went so far as to issue a statement in the aftermath of Senator Walsh’s comments, that included the following: “The destructive methods described for second trimester termination of pregnancy are currently not carried out in this jurisdiction, nor will they be in the future.” Like other statements from the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists on abortion, it has not aged well.

As reported in last week’s Vital Signs, it was also confirmed in the past fortnight by the HSE that GPs and other doctors carrying out abortions receive no specialised training in unplanned pregnancy counselling. So just to be clear – doctors are being trained to carry out horrific late-term abortions but receive no training in unplanned pregnancy counselling!

Reality is catching up with the litany of lies from pro-abortion activists that said abortion would be “safe, legal and rare” and that grotesque D&E late-term abortions would never happen. It’s a good thing that the truth is coming out into the light. Those currently calling the shots must be held to account. The insanity of what passes for ‘best practice’ at present cannot continue. We must work even harder to bring about the change that’s needed.

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