15.02.24 BREAKING NEWS: Over 10,000 Irish abortions in 2023 based on figures just released

15.02.24 BREAKING NEWS: Over 10,000 Irish abortions in 2023 based on figures just released

“Alarming upward trend cannot be ignored by the Government any longer” – Mulroy

Figures released to Carol Nolan TD from the HSE showed that from January to November 2023, GPs made claims for reimbursements for a total of 9,218 abortions. This does not include abortions which were carried out in a hospital setting. Responding to this new information, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Eilís Mulroy said:

“These shocking figures show that 2023 was likely the highest year yet for abortions on record, and by some distance. The figures released to Deputy Nolan show that the number of claims made by GPs for abortion reimbursements in the first eleven months of the year totals 9,218. This figure is far in excess of the annual notifications report for every preceding year, despite the fact this figure is just for GP claims and does not include hospital abortions. As such, the abortion rate is likely much higher and undoubtedly exceeds 10,000.

Ms Mulroy continued: “We are now seeing an alarming trend where the annual abortion rate has risen dramatically since 2019, but most especially in the last two years. Proactive steps which the government can take to reduce the abortion rate must be discussed openly in the national media. The impact of telemedicine has likely had a major impact in increasing the abortion rate. Despite this radical change in abortion policy, not a single vote has ever been cast for or against this radical departure from the original abortion law which the then Minister for Health Simon Harris assured the public would not be operated through telemedicine. The government cannot continue to bury its head in the sand and refuse to listen to the voices of those who have well grounded and practical suggestions on how to reduce the soaring abortion rate.”

Commenting on the increase, Deputy Carol Nolan said Ireland is now facing an “epidemic of loss,” adding that there is an “under-promotion” of alternatives.

“This is now an epidemic of loss,” she said.

“Thousands of women are being betrayed by the over promotion of abortion as the only possible response to pregnancy in certain circumstances and the cruel under promotion of life affirming alternatives. I will continue to shine a light on this issue so that women and families are fully supported with the kind of wrap around service provision that will meaningfully assist them in choosing a different path beyond that of abortion.”