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The Pro Life Campaign has dismissed the latest Irish Times poll on abortion as disgracefully loaded.

The poll question reads: “Are you in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment so that terminations in, for example, the case of rape or fatal foetal abnormality might be made legal, or are you in favour of keeping the amendment?” 67% of respondents said they favoured repeal and 21% said they were opposed to repeal.

Commenting on today’s poll, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Cora Sherlock said: “Even by the standards of the Irish Times, today’s poll question is disgracefully loaded. The question presents the Eighth Amendment in an entirely slanted way and affords respondents no opportunity to also consider all that is positive about the Amendment.

“The wording of the question reflects the Irish Times mindset on the issue rather than being a serious attempt at gauging public opinion on the matter.

“For example, there are thousands of people alive today as a direct result of the Eighth Amendment but the Irish Times has no interest or curiosity in exploring this reality. Right down to the images chosen by the paper to present the poll results, the Irish Times left nothing to chance in its attempt to depict the pro-life movement in a negative light.”