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26.10.2010 Pro Life Campaign comments on customs seizure of abortion drugs

08.10.2010 Abortion and Europe – Major pro-life victory at Council of Europe

08.10.2010 Abortion and Europe – Abortion conference about propagandising rather than addressing women's health

24.09.2010 Embryonic stem cell research and the EU – Revised EU Directive on animal testing highlights Ireland’s urgent need to ban human embryo-destructive research 

24.09.2010 Brendan O' Connor's inspiring article about the birth of his baby daughter

17.09.2010 Pro Life Campaign calls Irish Times' opinion poll on assisted suicide 'misleading'

27.08.2010  Gendercide – 'Save the Baby Girl' Monitors put on Indian Ultrasound machines to stop foeticide

27.08.2010  Stem cell research – Judge blocks US federal funding of embryo research – What Ireland must do 

03.08.2010  Adult stem cell research – Windpipe transplant on Irish boy aided by his own stem cells

16.07.2010  Paralysed accident victim blinks to signal decision to remain alive

16.07.2010  Gendercide – By 2020, 24 million Chinese men will be 'bare branches'

04.06.2010  Abortion in Ireland – Latest figures show drop in abortion rate

25.05.2010  Abortion rate falls – Pro Life Campaign welcomes reduction

24.05.2010  Irish Stem Cell Foundation distort stem cell research debate

21.05.2010  Stop Gendercide Now  Petition – End the lethal bias against baby girls

06.05.2010  Pro-choice movement – Time and Newsweek Magazines highlight 'waning' influence

06.05.2010  Baby boy who survived abortion left to die in Italian Hospital

23.04.2010  Maternal deaths – Groups presssure Lancet editor to delay publication of maternal mortality research

22.04.2010  News corporations impose pro-abortion Newspeak on reporters

22.04.2010  Cannes Film Festival Features Pro-Life Movie

15.04.2010  Abortion and Ireland – Opinion Poll on Abortion launched today by Pro Life Campaign

09.04.2010  Conjoined twins – An inspiring pro-life story

09.04.2010  Human Rights China – Babies' bodies found in river

09.04.2010  Abortion and Europe – March For Life held in Brussels  

26.03.2010  Euthanasia – Dr Philip Nitschke's Creepy Career 

26.03.2010 Pro Life Submissions far outnumber opposing side in public consultations

19.03.2010 Visit by euthanasia campaigner Dr. Nitschke a 'publicity stunt'  

11.03.2010  Gendercide – The War on baby girls- Economist Magazine

09.03.2010  Stem cell research – Listen to Professor  Robert George speaking with Pat Kenny on Radio 1 (5th March)

08.03.2010  Abortion and Ireland – YouGov Ireland Abortion Poll claims are 'complete nonsense' says PLC

03.03.2010  Stem Cell Research – Professors Robert George and William Hurlbut visit Dublin

28.02.2010 Abortion and racism – New Project Shows Abortion as part of history of Racial Oppression

26.02.2010 Medical Care Not  Abortion improves Maternal Mortality

24.02.2010  RTE – Scannal programme a blatant pro-abortion promo 

14.02.2010  Storm in a Superbowl! – Watch US Pro-Life Ad here

11.02.2010   Stem Cell Research – Minister Harney should learn from Californian Experience 

28.01.2010  Human Rights Watch claim on abortion and Ireland ridiculous says PLC 

23.01.2010  Killing of Embryos in Stem-Cell Research is Wrong (Prof. Reville – Irish Times)

21.01.2010  Abortion view in Ireland – Irish Examiner Survey on Abortion Views in Ireland Misleading

18.01.2010  Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant Hopes Lifted

11.01.2010   China's Abortion Policy Creating Nation of Bachelors

04.01.2010  Woman in India Commits Suicide After Coercive Abortion

14.01.2010   Dutch Euthanasia Deaths Up Significantly to 2,500

04.01.2010   Vitamin C To Help Stem Cell Generation


15.12.2009  Pro Life Campaign comments on R -v- R (Frozen Human Embryos) Case 

15.12.2009  Background to R -v- R (Frozen Human Embryos) Case 

 03.12.2009   A,B & C -v- Ireland – Abortion advocates creating unnecessary fears about women's health says Pro Life Campaign

23.06.2009 HSE must clarify comments re abortion

02.05.2009  Local and European Elections 2009 – Before voting check the facts 

23.01.2009 PLC comments on FDA approval of embryo research trials 


04.12.2008 Abortion increases risk of mental health problems – Crisis Pregnancy Agency has duty to inform women

28.10.2008 PLC accuses UCC of 'gross misrepresentation' over its embryo research stance

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