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21.11.2013 Clare Daly’s new Bill exposes hopeless quality of debate in the Dáil on the abortion issue

14.11.2013 Parents of babies with terminal illnesss tell politicians that too much focus on abortion, not enough on peri-natal hospice care

2.11.2013 BPAS intervention in abortion debate is “disgusting but entirely predictable” says PLC

29.10.2013 PLC seeks assurances that recommendations in Savita Halappanaver HIQA report will be implemented

14.10.2013 Over 600 people attend Pro Life Campaign National Conference

9.10.2013 Pro Life Campaign accuses Irish Times of rush to judgment in Savita story

4.09.2013 Take a moment to sign the One Of Us petition, an EU-wide initiative against destructive embryo research

4.09.2013 Registration opens for Pro Life Campaign National Conference 2013

3.09.2013 Irish Times story raises ‘major credibility issue’ for newspaper

23.08.2013 PLC comments on 'abortion' in Holles street

30.07.2013 PLC 'will now devote its energies to the repeal of unjust law' as President signs abortion bill into law

22.07.2013 PLC says death of woman after Marie Stopes abortion 'raises major questions'

19.07.2013 Watch our new video from Silent Vigil outside Dáil Éireann as abortion legislation vote happened

18.07.2013 Decision to expel Deputy Denis Naughten from Health Committee 'autocratic and heavy-handed' says PLC

16.07.2013 Speech of Senator Fidelma Healy Eames in Seanad Éireann on abortion Bill

10.07.2013 Latest claims made by Minister Reilly's claims and why they are not true

07.07.2013 Minister Reilly's amendment to abortion bill "adds insult to injury", says Dr. Ruth Cullen

02.07.2013 Pro Life Campaign challenges Minister For Health to public debate on the abortion issue

1.07.2013 New opinion poll shows that majority oppose abortion on ground of suicide/favour free vote for politicians

26.06.2013 Dr. Maria Cahill writes in Sunday Business Post 'No legal requirement for suicide exemptions'

25.06.2013 PLC welcomes news that two more Oireachtas Members set to vote against abortion Bill

24.06.2013 New leaflet 'Let Them Live' available for download

24.06.2013 Weekend national newspaper advertising campaign

20.06.2013 PLC says it is 'dishonest' for Government to claim that abortion for a suicide threat is life-saving when it is life-ending 

20.06.2013 A message from Caroline Simons at this important time

18.06.2013 Abortion Bill is dangerous, unjust and irretrievably flawed – Read our latest briefing document

18.06.2013 Life and Death issue deserves a free vote says Pro Life Campaign

17.06.2013 Decision of Senator Fidelma Healy Eames to oppose abortion bill 'compassionate and courageous': Sherlock

14.06.2013 Pro Life Campaign says 'Completely misleading for Sinn Féin leader to claim X Case legisation necessary to save women's lives", says Dr. Cullen

13.06.2013 Pro Life Campaign welcomes HSE review into tragic death of Savita Halappanavar

13.06.2013 Pro Life Campaign says it is “dishonest” for Government to claim abortion proposal is “restrictive” and “life-saving”

13.06.2013 Irish Times has to know by now that its polls shed little or no light on the debate says PLC

12.06.2013 Pro Life Campaign condemns Taoiseach's 'disgusting attempt to demonise the pro-life movement'

08.06.2013 National Vigil for Life attracts massive crowd – Largest pro-life gathering ever

07.06.2013 PLC says National Vigil For Life will "send a strong message to the Government about the strength of opposition to its abortion proposals"

6.05.2013 Stand up for Life at the National Vigil For Life in Merrion Square, Dublin, 8th June 2013, 3-4pm

12.05.2013 Decision of GPs not to endorse Government's bill on abortion 'a clear defeat for pro-choice side' says Dr. Kirsten Fuller

06.05.2013 PLC welcomes clarification from Professor Fergusson and challenges RTÉ's presentation

07.05.2013 PLC says Labour Party should 'stop pretending' abortion for threatened suicide is best practice

230.04.2013  PLC says Taoiseach’s reassurances on abortion are “empty and misleading”

26.04.2013 Pro Life Campaign describes as “deplorable” revelations in today’s Sunday Independent 

24.04.2013 Pro Life Campaign welcomes statement from Consultant Psychiatrists opposing abortion proposals

21.04.2013 PLC accuses Government of 'face-saving wrangling' on abortion

19.04.13 PLC welcomes Inquest call for guidelines to give doctors clarity on treatment of women in pregnancy

15.04.2013 Pro Life Campaign dismisses idea of 'sunset clause' accompanying any legislation on abortion

05.04.2013 Pro Life Campaign welcomes abortion motions defeat at Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) Conference

04.04.2013 New 60-year review of Irish maternal deaths show no suicides because of pregnancy – Prof Patricia Casey

21.02.2013 Sizeable majority support legal protection of unborn, according to new Millward Brown Lansdowne research

14.02.2013 Pro Life Campaign launches new briefing document outlining why Guidelines, not legislation, the way forward to best protect mothers and babies

13.02.2013 Pro Life Campaign says Guidelines urgently needed regarding treatment of mothers in pregnancy, following reports on Savita Halappanavar case

11.02.2013 Irish Times presentation of latest opinion poll on abortion 'grossly distorted', says Pro Life Campaign 

10.02.2013 Sunday Independent: Ray Kinsella: No need to legalise abortion to protect life of the mother. 'Best practice' guidelines would be better informed than legislation based on the flawed X Case..

19.02.2013 Pro Life Campaign thrilled with "massive" turn out for Unite For Life Vigil

17.01.2013 Pro Life Campaign says "nothing in ethics or law" prevented intervention in case of Ms. Halappanavar

13.01.2012 An Taoiseach "totally misrepresents" Fine Gael's pre-election commitment

121.12.2012 Unite For Life Vigil, Merrion Square Dublin, January, 19th, 4.30pm

18.12.2012 PLC will launch robust and sustained challenge to every element of proposed abortion legislation

17.12.2012 Legislation for X case will not be 'restrictive' says Pro Life Campaign

10.12.2012 PLC responds to Council of Europe call on abortion

07.12.2012 Unite For Life pro-life vigil attracts thousands

21.12.2012 Pro Life Campaign says Red C/SBP Poll 'highly contradictory' but welcomes support for constitutional amendment limiting X

30.11.2012 Join the Unite For Life Pro-Life Vigil at Dáil Éireann, Tuesday, 4th December at 4.30pm

28.11.2012 Pro Life – A respectful debate needed on abortion – Caroline Simons, Irish Examiner 

27.11.2012 Pro Life Campaign outlines response to Expert Group Report on Abortion at Press Conference in Dublin

20.11.2012 Pro Life Campaign says appointment of Professor Arulkumaran to head Savita inquiry is “unfortunate and inappropriate”  

20.11.2012 Sinn Féin motion for legislation would lead to wide-ranging abortion says PLC

15.11.2012 Pro-Choice side must not hijack this terrible event – Irish Independent

14.11.2012 PLC rejects 'deplorable' calls for abortion legislation in the wake of tragic case

08.11.2012 Senators discuss crisis pregnancy counselling services scandal – call for investigation

02.11.2012 Illegal abortion putting lives at risk – so why is it ignored? – Irish Independent 

30.10.2012 PLC welcomes call by members of Health Committee for independent review of findings against IFPA and HSE

27.10.2012 Pro Life Campaign calls for independent inquiry after shocking revelations about IFPA and HSE counselling agencies

11.10.2012  Move by Marie Stopes to open Belfast Clinic 'deplorable' says PLC

07.10.2012 Excellent new four minute YouTube video addressing the current abortion debate

27.09.2012  PLC says National Women's  Council of Ireland no longer a 'mainstream representative group for women'

24.09.2012 Pro Life Campaign National Seminar 2012 a big success

23.09.2012 Sunday Business Post – European Court's abortion judgement not black and white

16.09.2012 Pro Life Campaign says Behaviour and Attitudes Survey on abortion 'fundamentally flawed'

27.08.2012 Pro Life Campaign criticises Minister Pat Rabbitte for attempting to suppress voices in abortion debate

27.07.2012 New HSE appointment sends wrong message on abortion says Pro Life Campaign 

23.07.2012 Martin statement re abortion legislation "timely and welcome" says Pro Life Campaign

22.07.2012 Baseless accusations of 'cowardice' harm rational debate on abortion

20.07.2012 Pro Life Campaign challenges Minister Lynch over remarks on abortion

13.07.2012 Pro Life Campaign launch billboard campaign highlighting latest opinion poll findings.

13.07.2012 PLC strongly critical of Fine Gael stance on abortion 

11.07.2012 Pro Life Campaign says Fine Gael must face up to commitments rather than engage in 'spin'

21,06.2012 Latest Opinion Polls shows public wants Fine Gael to honour pro-life commitments

.05.2012 PLC welcomes fall in abortion rates for tenth consecutive year

16.05.2012 CPP/HSE Study showing abortion regret must be considered by Minister for Health

29.04.2012 Reggie Littlejohn in Dublin – Chen Guangcheng escapes house arrest in China

19.04.2012 Pro Life Campaign welcomes defeat of pro-abortion Bill

16.04.2012 Pro Life Campaign says Labour Party abortion stance 'ignores hurt abortion causes women'

13.04.2012 Reggie Littlejohn of Women's Rights Without Frontiers to speak in Dublin

9.04.2012 Register your opposition to pro-abortion Bill by sending a ready-to-go e-card to your TDs

15.03.2012 Pro Life Campaign welcomes confirmation of Government's rejection of UN abortion recommendations

13.03.2012 Dr. Ruth Cullen responds to Irish Times opinion piece feedback

05.03.2012 Pro Life Campaign awareness event at Dáil Éireann to mark 20th anniversary of Supreme Court X Case decision

05.03.2012 Irish Times: Dr. Ruth Cullen – Irish people deserve to hear the full truth about abortion

22.02.2012 Sponsors of Private Members' Bill misrepresenting facts in abortion debate

17.02.2012 Pro Life Campaign accuses sponsors of Dáil abortion motion of wilfully ignoring the negative effects of abortion for women

2.2012 Pro abortion pressure forces US cancer charity Komen to reverse decision to discontinue funding to abortion giant Planned Parenthood

29.01.2012 Sunday Business Post: Paul Brady – Opportunity to clarify abortion law

19.01.2012 Irish Times: Professor William Binchy – Supreme Court 'X' Case ruling not good basis for abortion law

13.01.2012 Composition of Expert Group on Abortion announced

20.12.2011 Irish Examiner: Ruth Cullen – Abortion is also bad for women

2.12.2011 Abortion Review : Some women likely to suffer mental health problems after abortion

2.12.2011 Marie Stopes Doctor struck off as abortion nearly kills Irish women

25.22.2011 Survey ignores crucial facts on abortion says PLC

18.11.2011 Pro Life Campaign welcomes Geron Corporation decision to halt embryonic stem cell research

17.11.2011 New Opinion Poll shows significant support for Pro-Life position

15.11.2011 New approaches to spreading the pro-life message – PLC National Conference 2011

10.10.2011 Pro Life Campaign welcomes decision of Government not to support recommendations calling on Ireland to introduce abortion

6.10.2011 UN Universal Periodic Review – Ireland safer for pregnant women than all six countries pushing us to legalise abortion

6.10.2011 PLC warmly welcomes launch of San Jose Articles

26.09.2011  PLC National Conference 2011 – Registration opens

23.09.2011  X factor contestant defies doctors, gives birth to healthy baby boy

16.09.2011  New study proves unborn child feels pain

1.09.2011  BJOP study shows negative impact of abortion on mental health

08.08.2011  5 year old 'living proof' that British abortion limit must be slashed 

17.06.2011 Statement from PLC on proposed Expert Group on abortion

24.05.2011 Fall in number of abortions for ninth consecutive year

17.05.2011 PLC invited to make presentations at UN UPR nationwide meetings

15.05.2011 PLC calls latest statement from Your Rights Right Now 'utterly bizarre'

9.05.2011 Pro Life Campaign granted NGO status by the United Nations

6.5.2011 Lord David Alton corresponds with Your Rights Right Now 'endorsing' organisations

29.04.2011 Pro Life Campaign challenges Your Rights Right Now UN Submission

25.04.2011 Abortion Advocacy group falsely claims support of other groups in UN Submission

24.04.2011 Pro Life Campaign makes submission to United Nations Human Rights Council for Universal Periodic Review

11.03.2011 GENERAL ELECTION 2011 – Overview

21.02.2011 GENERAL ELECTION 2011 – PLC receives official statement from Fianna Fáil

20.02.2011 GENERAL ELECTION 2011 – Fine Gael issues official statement to Pro Life Campaign

12.02.2011  GENERAL ELECTION 2011 – Use Your Vote To Protect Human Life  

20.01.2011  Pro Life Campaign launches Billboard Campaign

10.01.2011  Pro Life Campaign accuses Labour Party of 'rank hypocrisy' on abortion 


16.12.2010  ECHR Judgment does not require Ireland  to introduce abortion legislation

09.12.2010 Pro Life Campaign comments on forthcoming A,B & C -v- Ireland ECHR decision

03.12.2010 Adult stem cell success -Skin Cells changed to blood cells

22.11.2010 PLC obtains pro-life commitments from candidates in Donegal SW By-Election



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