08.08.2011: 5 year old ‘living proof’ that British abortion limit must be slashed

8th August 2011

5 year old Charlie Allen is “living proof” that the abortion laws in Britain need to be changed, according to his mum Emma.  Charlie was born at 23 weeks.  In Britain abortions can be carried out up to 24 weeks and up to 40 weeks in cases where the unborn child has a disability.

Charlie was fortunate to be born at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital where doctors give parents a say on whether or not to resuscitate very premature babies. In Britain, it’s left up to individual health trusts to decide if they wish to follow NHS guidelines which place no obligation on hospitals to attempt resuscitating babies born earlier than 24 weeks.

Either society bases its medical ethics on the unconditional value of each human life or else it is just a utilitarian checklist – nobody has any value unless someone else decides they have value.

An age limit based purely on saving resources isn’t an ethical principal about individual human life.

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