28.02.19: PLC comments ahead of today’s ‘March For Choice’ in Dublin

Pro-life volunteers outside Leinster House.


A spokesperson for the Pro Life Campaign has said that “it’s important to note as the ‘March for Choice” takes place in Dublin today that Ireland now has one of the most extreme pro-abortion laws anywhere in the world.”

Speaking ahead of today’s abortion march, Eilís Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign said: “Some speakers at today’s march will try to paint Ireland’s new abortion law as restrictive with a view to making it even more extreme. But the truth is when you examine closely what the new law permits, the right to life of unborn babies have been effectively set at zero and there is no willingness on the part of the present government to discuss or provide positive alternatives to abortion. Sadly, none of this will be reflected at today’s march.”

Ms Mulroy concluded: “These are certainly challenging times for the pro-life movement in Ireland but I take hope from the fact that more people are starting to question just how extreme the new law is. There needs to be more open discussion on the matter. The Pro Life Campaign will not rest until that happens.”