10.05.2019: Irish abortion rate will have almost trebled in one year, if estimates correct — PLC

10.05.2019: Irish abortion rate will have almost trebled in one year, if estimates correct — PLC


The Pro Life Campaign has described as “a devastating tragedy” the estimate that 800-900 abortions a month are being carried out in Ireland since the dismantling of the Eighth Amendment and the new law took effect.
The claim that this number of abortions is taking place has been made by the group START which represents around 250 doctors who facilitate abortions.

Commenting on START’s estimates, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Maeve O’Hanlon said: “Rather than being horrified at the number of abortions taking place, these medics are complaining that additional changes are needed to facilitate even more abortions. It is stunning how the goal posts keep shifting without any scrutiny or hard questions being asked. The public were misled every step of the way during the referendum campaign when they were told abortion would be restrictive in the event of the Eighth Amendment being repealed. But now the sad truth is starting to emerge. Pro-life campaigners were accused of scaremongering but based on the latest estimates, if anything, they underestimated what would happen.

“Factoring in the number of abortion pills previously bought online and the drop in the number of Irish women travelling to England for abortions, 800-900 abortions per month would still represent an almost trebling of Ireland’s abortion rate or over 11,000 abortions in one year. If this turns out to be true, it is a devastating tragedy and a huge indictment on the Government for all the misleading statements made during the referendum campaign and the refusal to support positive alternatives to abortion. Health Minister Simon Harris closed his eyes and ears to everyone who warned what would likely happen.

“The pro-life movement is bruised but not beaten after last year’s referendum. We are hugely encouraged at the way pro-life volunteers remain committed given the setback that happened. Responsibly and persistently, we will fight on to ensure the truth gets out about the kind of abortion regime this Fine Gael-led government has introduced. You only have to look at what’s happening in other countries to see that this battle is far from over.”


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