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All human beings possess an equal and inherent worth simply by virtue of their humanity, and not on condition of their possessing other qualifications such as size or mental capacity.  Without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless.

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Many of us face challenges at the end of our lives.   To create an ethos of equal respect, we must encourage in our lives, and that of our family, community and in government a society that supports and cares for the weakest and most vulnerable among us.

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126 million baby girls are missing. The mission of the Stop Gendercide Now Campaign is to highlight the fact that so many baby girls have disappeared through abortion, infanticide, or neglect and to work for political change to remedy this.

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Grass Roots

The passing of abortion legislation in 2013 was a terrible disappointment. The Grassroots Campaign is about taking the first step towards repealing this unjust law, enabling and motivating pro-life people all over Ireland to grow and mobilise the pro-life movement.

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Now, more than ever before, we are lucky to have the support of so many great people around Ireland.  We must all join together and persevere in fighting for what is right. #FightOnLoveBoth

Eighth Amendment