Limerick County Constituency

Limerick County Constituency

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To: Oireachtas Members – Limerick County Constituency

Dear Deputy,

As my local TD, I am asking you to vote in favour of the Foetal Pain Relief Bill at Second Stage in the Dáil next Wednesday.

The Bill is a measured and humane proposal that simply seeks to ensure that no baby is forced to endure unnecessary pain during late-term abortions carried out in Irish hospitals.

Ireland’s Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 compels vets to give pain relief to an animal during any procedure that may cause it suffering or distress. It is an affront to human dignity that unborn babies at present are treated less humanely than animals.

Scientific evidence overwhelmingly shows that unborn babies experience pain, with the likelihood that this occurs much earlier than 20 weeks gestation.*

Once again, I call on you to vote in favour of the Bill next Wednesday.

Please reply to this email with confirmation of how you intend to vote.

Yours sincerely,


* Derbyshire SWG and Bockmann JC, Reconsidering fetal pain, J Med Ethics 46, 3-6, 2020.

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