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If you didn’t know, Here’s a bit about us.

We are a non-denominational human rights organisation, drawing support from a large cross-section of Irish society. We promote pro-life education and defend human life at all stages, from conception to natural death. We also campaigns for resources to support and assist pregnant women and those in need of healing after abortion.

We must all join together and persevere in fighting for what is right.

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We are involved in activities in the areas of education, media, public policy and support


One our primary activities is education of the public on the right to life and human dignity of every person.


Our spokespeople appear regularly on radio and television speaking up for the right to life.

Public Policy

Our policy team produce briefing documents and work with public representatives to further the right to life issue


We campaign for resources to support and assist pregnant women and those in need of healing after abortion. We also run a community outreach programme to provide practical support to women and families.

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Become a Volunteer.   This is your chance to be part of a movement that has a positive vision for Ireland – an Ireland that values mothers and their unborn babies.  Get involved today.

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Organisations we collaborate with:

We work with organisations across Ireland and the world where we share the aims of promoting the right to life through education and policy and supporting women in unplanned pregnancy, new mothers and women who suffer after abortion.

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