Grassroots Campaign

Grassroots Campaign


Though 2013 was difficult, the numbers of people who attended the pro-life vigils in Dublin was one of the few encouraging things that happened as the legislation was going through the Dáil. In addition to these numbers, there is a sizeable chunk of the population who are pro-life but remain confused about the legislation and have no idea that the new law permits abortion up to birth based on no medical evidence.The new law will only be overturned when enough of these people realise what exactly has been introduced.

That’s why we are asking supporters all over Ireland to hold a pro-life meeting in their home and invite 5 or more friends, neighbours or family members to attend. We will facilitate you by forwarding you all the materials you will need.

It will take a monumental effort to overturn this barbaric abortion law. To ensure that day comes sooner rather than later, we urge you to play your part and contact us today. 

To find out how easy it is to host a Grassroots meeting in your home and help spread the pro-life message, email or telephone 087-2668702.

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