Euthanasia – Articles of Interest

Euthanasia – Articles of Interest

Euthanasia – Articles of Interest

Below are a selection of interesting and informative recent articles on the topic of euthansia;

  • Next big debate in Ireland will be about assisted suicide – William Reville – Irish Times 21st June 2018. ‘The next big debate in Ireland will probably be about whether assisted suicide should be legally available to incurably ill patients who are suffering great distress, a proposal I would not favour because I believe it contradicts the intrinsic moral value of human life.’ You can read the article here
  • Worrying undercurrent of economics in debate on Euthanasia – William Reville – Irish Times 16th December 2010.  This alarming article documents the abandonment by contemporary medicine of the Hippocratic oath and the rise in its place of a cost-saving mentality.  Ethical medical commentator, biochemist William Reville, observes ‘we hear more and more arguments in favour of euthanasia. Whatever about other dimensions, there is a strong economic undercurrent to this debate. … Euthanasia will always be cheaper than multidisciplinary care of the dying.’ And it is not just the elderly who are vulnerable to the new economically driven pressure for euthanasia. ‘today, medical technology is very effective. Not only can medicine heal, it can improve healthy but “sub-optimal” bodies using a wide range of technologies’.   Read the article in full here

  • Grappling with the rights and wrongs of euthanasia – William Reville – Irish Times 15th April 2010 Professor William Reville of University College Cork considers the arguments for and against euthanasia.  Read the article in full here

  • Euthanasia – The notion of reconsidering therapy options as someone nears the end of their life is not euthanasiaDes O’ Neill – Sunday Times 17th May 2009.  In this article Professor Des O’ Neill challenges the views of Professor Len Doyal, a euthanasia advocate, who spoke at University College Cork in April 2009.  Read the article in full here

  • Mercy Killing? Never.  I’ll fight like a lioness for my darling boy.. – Victoria Moore – Daily Mail 18th February 2010. This article tells the real life story of a person living with severe disability and his carer and was published in reaction to the high profile case in of Kay Gilderdale in Britain who helped her daughter Lynn commit suicide.   Read the article in full here

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