European Election 2009 – Before voting check the facts

European Election 2009 – Before voting check the facts

Abortion and Stem Cell Research: Before Voting Check the Facts

May 2009

Before the upcoming European and Local Elections, you are entitled to know precisely where individual candidates and parties stand on important right-to-life issues. We will ensure you have this information to hand in advance of Election Day.

Before you vote check this web page for the most up-to-date information. We will post the responses we recieve from politicians here on 2nd June. Alternatively you can register [see right hand menu] and we will email you all the relevant informtion in advance of polling day.

Use Your Vote to Protect Human Life

As the European and Local Elections approach, Candidates will be coming door to door. This year, in particular, many important issues are weighing on voters' minds. But no issues trumps the right-to-life. Defending it is the bedrock of any democracy.

Shamefully, our Government continues to have a poor record on pro-life issues. The Attorney General didn't defend the frozen embryos' right to life in the recent Supreme Court hearing. The Government has not responded to University College Cork's decision to allow research using stem cells obtained by destroying human embryos. Worse, the Government-appointed Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction voted 24 to 1 for research involving destruction of human embryos. 

Given such scant regard for human life, it's hardly surprising that the European Commission (EC) is currently seeking to radically restrict laboratory testing on animals in favour of human embryo research.

If the Government showed leadership, Ireland could be a world leader in adult stem cell research. All, yes, all, the new treatments have come from research using adult stem cells, without killing embryos.

The 2007 Millward Brown IMS poll found voters twice as likely to vote for candidates opposing legalising abortion than candidates supporting it. There would be an obvious electoral dividend for the Party with the courage and conviction to stand up for life.

This June – we urge you to only vote for Candidates and Parties who publicly commit to legislation prohibiting embryo destruction..

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