Dublin West By-Election – 23rd May

Dublin West By-Election – 23rd May

Dublin West By-Election – 23rd May

A Dail By-Election will take place in the constituency of Dublin West following the resignation of Deputy Patrick Nulty.

There are ten candidates declared.  They are as follows

Eamonn Coghlan – Fine Gael

David McGuinness – Fianna Fáil – Answered YES to our four questions below.

Lorraine Mulligan – Labour Party

Ruth Coppinger – Socialist Party

Paul Donnelly – Sinn Féin

Roderic O’Gorman – Green Party

Daniel Boyne – Fís Nua

David Hall – Independent

John Kidd – Independent

Seán Lyons – Independent

The Pro Life Campaign is advising its supporters not to vote for candidates standing for parties that voted for abortion, unless the candidate is prepared to publicly disassociate from the stance his/her party adopted. Anything less would be worthless.

Before Election Day, make sure your family, friends and neighbours know how the main parties voted on abortion in the Dáil:

  • Fine Gael, the largest party in government is responsible for the introduction of abortion in Ireland.
  • The Labour Party led the push for abortion and Sinn Féin and the Socialist Party also voted for it in the Dáil.
  • The Fianna Fáil leader broke his pre-election promise and voted for abortion. However, 14 of his 19 Fianna Fáil colleagues in the Dáil opposed the legislation.

We have asked candidates in the Dublin West By-Election the following four questions:

As a Member of Dail Eireann,  and notwithstanding the position of your political party (if applicable) will you:

(i)  vote against abortion at every opportunity.

(ii) vote against destructive embryonic stem cell research at every opportunity.

(iii) work with like-minded TDs to advance the protection of life at all stages

(iii) work towards the repeal of the abortion legislation introduced in Ireland in 2013

We will be publicising their responses together with election advice on this page, our Facebook page and by way of email to our supporters database.

To date the only candidate who has answered YES to our four questions is Cllr David McGuinness of Fianna Fail.

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Thank you.


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