Contact your TDs and Senators Today

Contact Your TDs and Senators Today

We need your help!

Can you take two minutes to sign a ready-to-go message to your local Oireachtas Members?



Groups like the National Women’s Council are pressuring TDs to pass a law to give effect to the extreme recommendations of the Report of the Three-Year Review of the abortion law. 

Oireachtas Members urgently need to hear from pro-life supporters, calling on them to strongly oppose the recommendations and to instead work to reduce Ireland’s soaring abortion rate.

The text of the PLC’s e-message to Oireachtas Members sets out clearly the pro-life case and calls on your local representatives to personally reply to you, their constituent.

All it takes is two minutes to read and send the e-message.

We need to demonstrate a huge show of strength as we approach election time to push back hard against the aggressive efforts afoot to make Ireland’s abortion law even more extreme.

Thank you for your support in helping save lives and end abortion in Ireland.

Please take a minute to click below and send an instant e-card to your local Oireachtas members. When you’ve sent it, share this link with family and friends.  

Thank you for your continued support and activism.

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