Abortion – Articles of Interest

Abortion – Articles of Interest

Abortion – Articles of Interest

Referendum to protect unborn now necessary by Professor William Binchy – The Irish Times, 21st December 2010. Existing medical practice in Ireland protects mothers very well – there is no need to legislate for abortion, writes Professor William Binchy.  Read article in full here

Is it time to legislate for abortion in Ireland – Dr. Berry Kiely – The Irish Times, 9th July 2007.  A decent society must recognise the humanity of the unborn.  Read article in full here

Court of Human Rights has done disservice to unborn by Professor William Binchy –  The Irish Times, 24th March 2007 The diversity of values across Europe on the question of abortion ought to be respected. Read article in full here

Was McGovern decision correct?  by Professor William Binchy – Sunday Business Post, 19th November 2006.  Anyone concerned for the protection of human rights in Ireland should read with alarm last week's decision by Mr Justice McGovern on the rights of human embryos.  Read article in full here

The New Debate – Professor William Binchy – Sunday Business Post, 14th August 2005. For more than 20 years in Ireland, we have been having a fitful debate on the troubling subject of abortion. Read article in full here

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