33 to 1 Event Challenging Media Bias

33 to 1 Event Challenging Media Bias

In the space of a fortnight recently, 33 articles appeared in national newspapers pushing hard for more abortion. In the same period, only 1 pro-life article was published. We are now expected to take this level of bias as normal. That’s just not acceptable.

On 11th March, thousands of people gathered to call out the media over its bias on abortion.   The evening event outside Dáil Éireann was the first of its kind in Ireland.

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Download the booklet and read more about ‘Ireland’s Pretend Abortion debate’ here

Check out Hear Both Sides, a new organisation dedicated to exposing Media Bias on abortion.  See www.hearbothsides.ie

Consider donating towards the campaign for fairness in the media.  Thank you.




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