Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day – a day where we celebrate the extraordinary individuals who bring so much joy, love, and light into our lives.

It’s also a day when we speak up for the rights of people with Down Syndrome. In 2022, Dr. Fergal Malone, then Master of the Rotunda Maternity Hospital said that about 95% of parents whose babies are diagnosed with Down Syndrome at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin now opt for an abortion. (Source: The Irish Times)

In Iceland, nearly 99% of women who receive a positive diagnosis for Down Syndrome chose abortion. In France, approximately 77% of pregnancies with a Down Syndrome diagnosis end in termination, and Denmark records a termination rate of 97%. These high abortion rates are also observed in Italy, Germany, the UK, and Belgium, where the percentage exceeds 90%.

This widespread pattern of terminating pregnancies due to Down Syndrome reflects a troubling global trend of discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

Let’s continue to shed light on the issue of selective abortion practices that discriminate on the grounds of disability, and continue to spread awareness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Watch this wonderful little video in honour of World Down Syndrome Day.