21.05.2010 Stop Gendercide Now Petition – End the lethal bias against baby girls

21.05.2010 Stop Gendercide Now Petition – End the lethal bias against baby girls

Stop Gendercide Now  Petition – End the lethal bias against baby girls

21st May, 2010


100 million baby girls are missing – and the number is rising. They were aborted or killed at birth. Why? Because of a preference for baby boys.

It is a human rights violation on a massive scale perhaps the most widespread form of violent anti-female discrimination in the world today.

The mission of Stop Gendercide Now is to highlight the fact that so many baby girls have disappeared through abortion, infanticide, or neglect and to work for political change to remedy this.

By signing the Stop Gendercide Now Petition, you’ll be joining others in sending a strong message to the leaders of countries like China and India, which have deplorable records in defending the rights of baby girls, born and unborn. Your voice can really make a difference.

The number of baby girls’ lives lost through gendercide has risen sharply as cultural pressures against the birth of baby girls are reinforced by harsh inhumane traditions, coercive population control policies as well as political ideologies.  As a result of this, 100 million baby girls have been aborted, killed or left to die. It is a human rights violation on a massive scale.

Boy-preference leading to dramatically fewer baby girls being born and surviving is concentrated primarily in China but also in India and other countries.  The mass destruction of girls has produced a systemic gender imbalance in whole populations for example; there are more unmarried young men in China than the entire population of young men in America.

The Stop Gendercide Now Petition puts pressure on the governments of countries with significant sex ratio imbalances:

– To introduce measures to ensure that the killing, fatal neglect or abandonment of baby girls because they are girls is ended.

– To carry out and publish an annual audit giving the sex ratio, the measures put in place to address it, and the progress or otherwise of these measures.

The Stop Gendercide Now Petition will also be copied to the Secretary General of the United Nations calling on the UN to adopt a meaningfully proactive leadership role in ending the horrific practice of signalling out baby girls for abortion and infanticide.

Many steps can be taken. Initiatives can be developed to encourage education for girls: reform of laws and customs that exclude or disadvantage daughters in property inheritance; facilitation of women’s participation in all dimensions of public life; requiring family planning officials, midwives and hospitals to publish the birth sex ratios, and reward advances towards the normal balance of girls to boys.

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