20.01.2011 Pro Life Campaign launches Billboard Campaign

20.01.2011 Pro Life Campaign launches Billboard Campaign

20th January, 2011

Pro Life Campaign launches billboard initiative

With the upcoming General election, the Pro Life Campaign has launched a billboard initiative which highlights the fact that maternal care in Ireland is of the highest standard.
The billboards which have been erected nationwide depict a picture of a mother and child and reference the fact that according to the Reports on Maternal Mortality, carried out by the World Health Organisation, UNICEF and UNFPA , Ireland, without abortion, is the safest place in the world for pregnant women.  Of all 172 countries for which estimates are given, Ireland leads the world when it comes to safety for pregnant women.
Commenting on the billboard campaign Dr. Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign said ‘The recent European Court decision implied that because of  Ireland’s pro-life ethos pregnant women are denied necessary medical treatments. This is patently untrue. Pregnant women are safer in Ireland than in countries like Britain and Holland, which permit abortion on demand.‘
‘The current billboard campaign seeks to draw attention to the fact that maternal care in Ireland is excellent.   This is in no small part due to Ireland's pro-life ethos.  At a time when other countries are beginning to question their abortion laws and the way such laws undermine basic respect for the dignity of human life, our standard of care for mothers and babies should be vigorously protected and cherished,’ Dr. Cullen continued.
‘The European Court decision did not create a right to abortion and further is not binding on Ireland and should not be used by politicians to justify the introduction of abortion.’
‘As the billboard states – Ireland without abortion is the safest country in the world for pregnant women. Let’s keep it that way.‘ Dr. Cullen concluded.


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