14.02.2010 Storm in a Superbowl! – Watch US Pro-Life Ad here

14.02.2010 Storm in a Superbowl! – Watch US Pro-Life Ad here

12th February 2010

A Storm in a Superbowl!

If you haven't been following the controversy that has blown up in the US recently over a pro-life ad aired during the US Superbowl, the premier sporting event on US television, it's definitely worth a look as a classic example of abortion advocates shooting themselves in the foot.

The ad, sponsored by Focus on the Family, highlighted the circumstances surrounding the birth of US football star, Tim Tebow. Tim's mother was advised to have an abortion on the grounds that her baby could be born with a severe disability. However, she continued with her pregnancy and gave birth to one of the most gifted football players in US history.

The ad begins with Pam Tebow holding a baby picture of Tim with a football and doesn't even mention the word abortion. It didn't need to. In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, pro-abortion campaigners created such a stir trying to have the ad banned that most Americans were already familiar with the details of the Tebow family's life-affirming story.

The ad has been described as 'folksy, funny, and fabulously effective' and gently but effectively conveyed a pro-life message to the over 106 million people who viewed it.

The entire episode shows how much the pro-life movement in the US has developed in terms of media savvy and its ability to generate weeks of positive publicity leading up to the Super Bowl. In contrast, the pro-choice movement looked hysterical and reactionary in trying to censor a genuinely inoffensive ad from US citizens. It bodes well for the future.


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