10.01.2011 Pro Life Campaign accuses Labour Party of ‘rank hypocrisy’ on abortion

10.01.2011 Pro Life Campaign accuses Labour Party of ‘rank hypocrisy’ on abortion

10th January 2011

PLC accuses the Labour Party of “rank hypocrisy” on abortion issue


Labour Party leader, Eamon Gilmore stated recently that if elected to Government his party would legislate to make abortion available in Ireland. Mr Gilmore said the Labour Party supported abortion in certain circumstances.

Responding to his comments, Dr Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign said:

The Labour Party’s position on abortion actually appears quite restrictive until you examine it closely. In reality there is no question that, if legislated for, it would be abortion on demand in this country. For example, the Labour Party completely ignores the distinction between necessary medical treatments in pregnancy and abortion, where the baby is intentionally killed. Its policy is almost identical to the grounds on which abortion was introduced in Britian and we know that has led to abortion on demand up to birth.

Quite frankly, it is rank hypocrisy for Labour to claim to be a defender of the most marginalised in society while at the same time having a policy that ignores the humanity of the unborn child throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy.

Dr Cullen concluded:

Labour’s claim that its pro-abortion policy is motivated by concern for women’s health lacks credibility as the party has chosen to turn a blind eye to all the latest peer reviewed studies showing the extremely serious negative medical consequences for women in the aftermath of abortion.


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