Pro Life Volunteer Pledge


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Ireland’s constitutional protection for unborn babies and their mothers has been a beacon throughout the world.  However, the 8th Amendment – Ireland’s Life Equality Amendment – is now under serious threat with powerful groups campaigning to remove it.

This new threat requires from us a new response. The Pro Life Volunteer Pledge is a pivotal step in the push back. From all over the country, we’ve been getting calls, pro-life people asking, ‘What can I do?’

Of course we have to keep working away to get the pro-life voice heard in the media, and we have to keep engaging with our own political representatives, locally and nationally, but, more than anything else, what we need is a fresh initiative to bring the pro-life message into people’s homes in every village, town and urban area across the country.

To make certain this happens we are asking every pro-life supporter to sign the Pro Life Volunteer Pledge. Forming part of the Grassroots Campaign, it involves a commitment of no more than 2-3 hours per month assisting with co-ordinated leaflet drops of high quality pro-life literature in your area.

Door-to-door leaflet drops, replicated in towns, villages and urban areas throughout the country will play a significant role in redressing the present imbalance in the abortion debate. Organising them, however, is a mammoth task. That’s why we need the commitment of volunteers before getting started.

Given family and work obligations, it may be the only pro-life commitment you can make at this time. Likewise, by signing the pledge, you are still free to engage in other worthwhile pro-life initiatives as you see fit.

Thanks again for everything you have done in recent times to assist this noble cause. With a strong united effort, we can achieve great things. Please take just a moment to sign the pledge.

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